HUD issued a Notice of Extensions for PHAs in Presidentially Declared Disaster Areas.  Pursuant to the Notice, HUD is authorized, on a case-by-case basis, to grant public housing authorities located in Presidentially-declared disaster areas extensions to certain Rental Demonstration Assistance (RAD) Application submission deadlines.  These extensions may be granted to PHAs that have:  1) submitted a letter of intent to reserve their position on the RAD waiting list and subsequently been notified by HUD that they are eligible for an award following submission of a completed RAD application, portfolio award proposal, or multiphase award application; or 2) received a portfolio award and been provided 365 days from issuance of the portfolio award to submit acceptable RAD Applications for the remaining projects including in the portfolio award.  The Notice does not impose any time limitations with respect to qualifying disaster area designations.  PHAs interested in applying for an extension may either contact their RAD transaction manager directly or email

NewspapersHUD issued a notice in today’s Federal Register on the process it will follow in processing applications for first component Rental Assistance Demonstration conversions that are on HUD’s waiting list.  The original authorization for RAD in the fiscal year 2012 appropriations act authorized 60,000 units for conversion.  After receiving applications meeting the 60,000 unit cap, HUD started its RAD waiting list in October 2013.  Congress approved extending the unit cap for RAD conversion up to 185,000 units in the fiscal year 2015 appropriations act.  In the Federal Register notice, HUD states that it will provide Commitments to enter into Housing Assistance Payments (CHAPs) to all eligible applicants whose applications meet eligibility and selection criteria included in PIH Notice 2012-32, as amended.  HUD further states that it will try to review applications as quickly as possible, and may award CHAPs to projects with approaching financing deadlines ahead of other projects on the waiting list in order support successful conversions.  Given the passage of time, HUD will allow applicants to amend or update applications.   HUD will accept comments on the notice through March 2, 2015.