We are dedicated to creating dialogue among the various voices of the affordable housing community, which makes us excited to announce our Ninth Annual National Housing Conference in Washington, D.C., from November 12 to 13. The two-day, complimentary event features lively discussions, panels, insights, and networking opportunities with the movers and shakers of the affordable housing industry.

Day one is our Housing Authority Summit. Housing authority executives will join us to explore the evolving aspects of affordable housing and share insights into addressing some of the most complex challenges and issues that housing authorities face today. Panel discussions will cover an array of topics, including property managements trends, nonprofit and ongoing governance, the MA rule and the MCDC initiative, waivers, energy efficiency models, and RAD financing strategies. While registration for the Summit is limited, we are poised to author blog updates about the need-to-know answers to the biggest questions within the affordable housing industry.  While attendance is limited to housing authority representatives, if you would like additional information on attending the Summit, please contact Jennifer Boehm.

Day two will feature our National Housing Symposium, an open event where nationally recognized affordable housing leaders and innovators discuss and analyze industry trends, financing strategies, and developments forming beyond the horizon of the affordable housing industry. In addition to exploring the plans pervading Capitol Hill, panels will engage diverse perspectives for spirited discussion about debt and equity strategies, the need for seniors housing, and the multifaceted Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. Registration is free, and our detailed program description is available.

It is our privilege to create such an informative and collaborative forum for dialogue, exploration, and networking within an industry about which we feel so passionate. Though we will certainly blog about conference updates and insights, we hope you will join us in person!